Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Irish author Eoin Colfer signs deal with Marvel to write a new Iron Man Novel..

The author of the world renowned Artemis Fowl series signed a deal with the comic publisher to pen the next novel in the Iron Man series.

The tale should see the superhero visit Irish shores, after the Wexford native said he was going to take the character to places "he has never been before".

The latest installment in the Iron Man series is due to hit shelves in autumn 2016.
Speaking briefly about the announcement on social networking app Boast, Colfer said he was "very excited" for the upcoming book.

He added: "Some of you may have heard that I am doing an Iron Man book for Marvel which I’m very excited about.

"I’m hoping to take Tony Stark to some places he has never been before.
"Very possibly he will be visiting Ireland and will get himself into some severe trouble.”

Books by  Eoin Colfer:

  Artemis Fowl

  The Supernaturalist

  Artemis Fowl The Last Guardian

  WARP Book 1 The Reluctant Assassin

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