Friday, August 21, 2015

Top Selling Book Promises to Put Children To Sleep in Minutes...

 A book that promises to make children fall asleep in minutes has topped Amazon’s best-seller list.

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep is a 22-page tale of Roger the Rabbit, who is trying to catch up on his sleep. Roger enlists the help of friends Sleep Snail and Uncle Yawn. The focus of the tome is to use meandering sentence structure and specific words to induce kids into a hazy stupor.

This is a new safe and innovative way to help your child fall asleep and is recommended by psychologists and therapists.The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep will help you accomplish the task of getting your child to have its beauty sleep and sleep well all night.

"Have you ever struggled to help your child get to sleep and wished that you had a magical spell? Carl-Johan’s enchanting book will soon have your young ones dreaming."
– Matt Hudson, Bestselling author and psychotherapist

No need for How-to skills, it’s as easy and simple as reading a normal bedtime story with improved language pattern that will help your child to relax and fall asleep. After massive feedback from parents all over the world it’s safe to say that The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep is a quick and guaranteed way to help your child relax in the evening or during a nap.

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