Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to get Inspiration to Write a book...

If you are connected to the process of writing in some way, there is no need to explain to you how important it is to have inspiration. When you’re inspired, you consider your project easy to write, and this process captures you so much that you often forget about food and sleep. But if inspiration seems elusive, you feel utterly discouraged, and you can’t do your job at all.
If writing is just a hobby, you have time to wait for the inspiration needed to finish your post, article, or book chapter. But what can you do when your income is dependent upon your inspiration? The answer is obvious: you should find it!

Listen to music
Just find the music that influences you, and turn it on when you need some inspiration for writing.

Are you finding no ideas at all? Just try to relax and think of nothing. This is the moment when inspiration may come, and new ideas can sometimes appear unexpectedly.

Think of something different
Constant thinking about the same problem may lead you to nothing but a dead end. Try to focus on something completely unrelated to your writing at hand.

Free writing
Take ten minutes to write everything that comes to your mind without thinking or pausing. When finished, reread what you’ve written and try to find some useful ideas from the effort.

Positive moods can promote creativity.

Spend some time outdoors
Take a walk in a park or go camping. It doesn’t matter what method you choose here–the main thing is that fresh air, rest, and new impressions will feed your inspiration.

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