Monday, June 1, 2015

Former WWE wrestler JTG has released a new book..

JTG, one half of one of the hottest tag team’s in current WWE history, better known as
Cryme Tyme, decided one day to just say F@#K IT! He Picked up his laptop, went to Starbuck's, ordered a Venti hot caramel apple cider, and put together a series of short stories based on true events from his career.

From the time he set foot in wrestling school and throughout his tenure with the WWE, JTG was no stranger to getting himself into trouble on & off of camera. In this compilation all focused around the four letter word that has ended more wrestling careers than steroids, pills and alcohol combined, HEAT !

HEAT - A personal conflict or misunderstanding between two individuals or more backstage.
JTG will take you, the reader, on a journey, from the beginning of his career, to the final curtain call; sharing stories on how he battled Heat from day one. Join JTG on this epic pilgrimage through this blazing inferno that was his career, while managing to piss off more people for writing this book!!!

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