Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fantastic Four 2015 Posters Released !!

Consider them blue no more. The new “Fantastic Four” posters show steely new costumes in the upcoming reboot of the 2005 Marvel movie. There’s a new poster with the group together and individual photos that highlight each charater's power. Not really spoilers, but there are many explosions going on in the background of these posters.

Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jaime Bell play scientists who survive a terrible accident and gain extraordinary superpowers. Reed Richards (Teller) becomes Mr. Fantastic, who has the ability to stretch his elastic body. Sue Storm (Mara) has become the Invisible Woman, while Johnny Storm (Jordan) learns of his speed and fire power as the Human Torch.  The most frightening makeover belongs to the rough-edged The Thing/Ben Grimm (Bell), who looks more threatening than ever before.

The reboot will also bring a slightly different Doctor Doom/Victor Domashev to the franchise. Yes, there are plans to make many more “Fantastic Four” sequels should this one do well at the box office.
“Fantastic Four” lands in theaters August 7, 2015.

Check out the new poster art:

Michael B. Jordan plays Johnny Storm

Miles Teller plays Richard Reed

Kate Mara plays Sue Storm

Jamie Bell plays Ben Grimm

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