Friday, March 13, 2015

Hot Paranormal Romance Novels!!

Paranormal romance includes way more than just fangs and fur. Shapeshifters of all kinds, angels and demons and incubi and succubi, witches, fairies, elves, orcs, aliens from outer space (or just humans living in outer space)—you name it, someone’s written a romance novel about it.

Some of these books are dark and angsty, while others are light and fluffy and fun.
Here`s a list of some hot paranormal romance novels that's definitely a must read!!

The Black Dagger Brother Hood Series by J.R Ward

These books are different, creative, dark, violent, and flat-out amazing!!

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is an ongoing series of paranormal romance books by author J. R. Ward. The series focuses on a society of vampire warriors who live together and defend their race against de-souled humans called lessers.

The Immortals after Dark Series by Kresley Cole

Every creature or being that was thoughtto be mythical . . . isn’t.
They all secretly exist alongside humans and enjoy the gift of immortality. There are hundreds of different kinds: from Vampires to Lykae, from Furies to Shifters, from the Fey to Valkyries.

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

Two races of vampires walk our world. One, the Moroi, are alive and wield elemental magical. The other, the Strigoi, are undead and evil--feeding on the innocent to survive. Rose Hathaway--a half-vampire with poor impulse control--is training to be a bodyguard for a Moroi princess. Learning to decapitate and stake is hard enough, but Rose's real danger may lie in an illicit romance with one of her instructors...

Please feel free to add to this list as there are many many more awesome paranormal series out there:)

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